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Divorce records are only available for dates falling for with the Department of Health; all other years are available at the court where the divorce was filed. Vital records may only be obtained by authorized persons through the Department of Health.

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Only persons with direct and tangible interest in a vital record can requests for vital records. Persons with direct and tangible interest are limited to the following persons: the individual named on the record, a spouse, a parent, a descendant, an immediate family member, legal guardian or representative, or adoptive parents. In addition, individuals with a court order or a verifiable legal interest in obtaining the record may also be granted a copy.

Walk-in service is also available Monday through Friday at the Health Department Building between the hours of a. Hawaii vital records for births, deaths and marriages date to , but records less than 75 years old are subject to privacy restrictions.

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Divorce records are available only for in the Department of Health; other years are available in the court where filed. Hawaii public records of vital statistics since can be ordered online; older records require a request in writing.

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Start Searching. Table of Contents 0. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments. According to the Giffords Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which tracks state regulations, Hawaii mandates all gun owners obtain licenses and restricts people under restraining orders or who have been convicted of any domestic violence offense from owning a firearm.

The state also regulates ammunition sales and bans assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. Michael Siegel, a public health researcher at Boston University who has studied gun fatalities, pointed to the state's background check requirement and its focus on keeping guns away from people who might misuse them. Hawaii's gun ownership laws have been in place for a long time.

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A article in the University of Chicago Legal Forum singled out a law that represented "a significant one-time shift in the state's system of regulating firearms. People who committed violent crimes were barred from owning guns, as was anyone who had been admitted to a psychiatric facility or is under treatment for "significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorders. Restricting access to guns on mental health grounds remains controversial, with critics arguing that these measures stigmatize people with mental illnesses , who are more likely to be the targets of violence than its perpetrators; Siegel called mental health-based restrictions "way too broad.

Siegel's research has found that other states with strong background check requirements had similar results. One of his studies from earlier this year that examined homicide rates and state laws showed that universal background checks were linked with a 15 percent homicide rate reduction, and laws blocking people with violent misdemeanor convictions from owning guns were associated with an 18 percent drop in homicides. Those results can be explained, he said, by the fact that those policies make it more difficult for people predisposed to violence to get deadly weapons.

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But Hawaii has an additional advantage over states with similarly strict gun laws: its isolation. In places where it's difficult for criminals to buy guns, they can often still get guns in another state with looser rules. One report found that from to , 74 percent of guns used in crimes in New York State came from other states with weaker gun laws. Rhoads said that Hawaii can still improve its gun laws, despite its lowest-in-the-nation gun death rates.

This summer a "red flag law" sponsored by Rhoads was signed by the governor , allowing people worried about a family member who might hurt themselves or others to petition a court and have their guns taken away.

Similar laws have been passed in other states, including some under Republican control, and Siegel noted that they have been found to be particularly effective at reducing suicide rates. Rhoads is also considering proposing that gun owners have to periodically re-register their guns, as a way to further prevent people with criminal records from owning firearms. Other states can adopt Hawaii's policies, which are hardly unique. But as long as those states are near places where gun purchases are barely regulated , state gun control laws will be limited in their effectiveness, Siegel said.

He thinks the federal government should adopt a "baseline" level of oversight when it comes to guns, like expanding background checks, a policy with an amazing amount of public support. But now that Trump has once again decided to greet the issue with a shrug, reforms seem thousands of miles away.